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  • * Jaguar Communications strives to deliver you the best quality TV service whenever possible, here are some things to know.

    While TV services are delivered to your premise using fiber optics and we use every effort to ensure the quality of this service, broadcasters supply the channels to our network using both satellite and over the air methods. This means that there may be occasions where the overall quality of a TV broadcast may be affected by atmospheric conditions or there may be an issue with the broadcaster of the station that is beyond our control.

    Whenever possible we will install our set top boxes using existing coaxial cable or Ethernet infrastructure or we will install new or additional outlets using these wiring methods. For distribution within your home or business, a hardwired connection will always be the best option.

    When a wireless solution is used to deliver TV services to a specific room(s) or TV sets, this delivery method can be susceptible to unwanted interference that can cause quality degradation and is considered a best effort method for TV to those locations. You may encounter a noted difference in the overall quality and experience when using the wireless option.


Gigacenter and 804 Mesh

    Benefits of using the Jaguar Gigacenter and 804 Mesh
    - No need to purchase equipment. Jaguar owns and maintains this device and if there is ever an issue with it or it fails, we replace it at no charge.
    - No need for firmware or software updates by the customer as we will handle those automatically.
    - We can help you determine the best WiFi coverage for devices in your home.
    - We can supply reliable and fast internet access throughout the home and add 804 Mesh units to extend the carrier class WiFi in the home.
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  • Introducing the Gigacenter and 804 Mesh
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